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Get known for making extraordinary content.

Pre-test your ads, movie trailers and more with neuroscience powered by the smartwatches your audience is already wearing.


Stop wasting budget on focus groups & surveys.

Predict impact & results by pre-testing your content with known.

Measure Brains

Based on 20 years of science from Immersion Neuroscience, known can directly measure what your customers love by using the smartwatches and fitness sensors people already wear.

Leverage Your audience

Because we are measuring brains and not bias, you can ask fans & followers to measure your content and never worry about people "blowing smoke."

Predict Action

With known, you can capture the predictive power of neuroscience and the speed & simplicity of sending a survey. Fast, simple, easy. 

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Curious how Known measures what people love?

Learn how the science works!

Known uses the technology of Immersion to understand how our hearts and minds are connected. Drop in your email below and we'll send you the deep dive on the science of Immersion.


Simple, Fast, Effective

Put the power of neuroscience in the palm of your hand

Load Your Video

So . . .  it's time to test your content? Simply upload your video to the known platform.

Choose your Audience

Use our built in audience tools, add an email list of your fans, or send a link to your coworkers and followers. known will measure them as they watch!

Now, you are doing Neuro

Within minutes, known gives you a breakdown of the best/worst moments, a plan to make your content better, and a prediction on how well it will perform.

Knowing what your people love doesn't have to be so hard.

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“Now I know what people will love BEFORE I hit the publish button.”

Neuroscience for normal people that helps you predict hits and save budget.

known is powered by the science of Immersion

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Want to make better ads now?

Get our Top 10 Neuro-Backed Ways to Improve Your Ads. 

We've got 20+ years experience in neuromarketing - you're gonna want to check this out. 


How will you be known?

Our customers use known to stop the endless A/B testing, save up to 70% of their development budgets, create content that converts and learn more of what their customers love. 

When you see or hear amazing content, there is a strong chance that you are seeing the work of a known user in action.

This is amazing!

"Our clients are seeing a 30% increase in traffic when we use known before taking ads to market!"

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Agency CEO

Where have you been all my life?

“I will never post to the 'gram unless my video is known! And it's so fast, it doesn't really hold me up from posting."




So simple to use...

“Amazing to see how brains respond to our content in real-time”

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Creative Director

Wanted to let you know...

“Thank you! We are saving nearly 20% of our distribution budget by knowing who will take action on our ads before we post.”

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CPG Brand Manager
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known is powered by Immersion!

Learn more about how we work in the real world, the science that powers us and how neuroscience can get you known.

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