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Simple to start, pay-as-you-grow pricing allows you to crush your content game with no risk.




Cost per Brain Second $0.40

  • Invite by email & link
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Results Sharing
  • Add Annotations / Notes
  • Demographic Tagging



Cost per Brain Second $0.37

  • All CLEVER plus . . .
  • Upload Video
  • Export CSV
  • Export PDF
  • Survey Integration
  • Content Type Benchmark



Cost per Brain Second $0.35

  • All SMART plus . . .
  • Secure Video Distribution
  • Export PPT
  • Content Reels
  • Private Benchmarks
  • Access Our Audience Panel



Have questions? We got answers!

A brain second is the cost per brain, per second of measurement. Let's say you are measuring a 30-second commercial with 10 people. That would be 10 brains X 30 seconds each = 300 seconds. 

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API & Enterprise

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We made neuroscience easy, so you can focus on your users. And our easy-to-use APIs ​are designed to let your product shine.

With insights as impressive and actionable as these, you can connect on a deeper level and your product can have a bigger impact. 

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